The Art of Adventure: The Amelia 747 Collection

Lovers of art and aviation gathered at the old Times Building on the 7th of October to witness the spectacular new furniture collection by Ciara O’Toole.

Taking inspiration from her love of flight and design, Ciara has created a bespoke and unique collection of furniture, beautifully engineered from reclaimed aircrafts. The collection, which is first of its kind is named the Amelia 737 collection, as it has been manufactured from the casing of a Boeing 737.

Featuring a five-piece capsule collection of contemporary furniture, Ciara produced Amelia by hand-sourcing each unique piece. The collection offers potential customers a statement piece of aviation history for their home or business space.

Ciara was introduced by Anne Nolan, the chairwoman of The Irish Aviation Authority, who spoke about Ciara’s triumphs in Irish aviation as well as her charismatic attitude when producing her new collection. Ciara then took to the podium to thank her guests and discussed her journey from the beginning, and where her concept for Amelia began.

Esteemed guests at the launch included; former president Mary Robinson, Anas Khales, the Moroccan Ambassador to Ireland, Carlos Garcia de Alba, the Mexican Ambassador to Ireland and José María Rodríguez-Coso, the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland.

Ciara concluded her speech by inviting all those in attendance to enjoy the remainder of the evening and browse through the collection.

For more information and to view the entire collection, go to