Gourmet gifts for the festive season

Looking for a treat to tickle their fancy this season? It’s time to give up the seasonal stocking fillers and opt for something a little tastier to put under the tree this year. Miele’s Christmas themed cooking demonstration continuously delights and impresses its crowd of loyal fans annually. This year, in collaboration with The Butler’s Pantry, executive chef Niall Hill has created inspiring food gifts and served up delicious canapés perfect for the festive season entertaining.

What better way to show your love to your nearest and dearest, than serving them up a delectable dessert! This recipe was carefully created by Niall Hill, executive chef at The Butler’s Pantry.



Smoked brownie with peanuts and salted caramel


Serves 10




Bitter-sweet chocolate 200g

Butter 200g

Sugar 300g

Eggs 3 large free range

Flour plain 130g

Peanuts (roasted and peeled) 80g

Plank 1

Wooden wine box or suitable ovenware dish 1


Salted caramel

Caster sugar 200g

Butter unsalted 150g

Cream 125ml

Sea salt 1/2tsp





1. Soak planks in water for a minimum of 2 hours.

2. Light up your BBQ and if using charcoal let them burn off until you are left with white coals.

3. Line your wooden wine box or ovenware dish with parchment paper.

4. For the brownie melt your butter and chocolate together.

5. Whisk the eggs and sugar together then add the chocolate and butter followed by the flour and peanuts.

6. Pour into your dish and place on the plank in the bbq. Cover with the lid and cook and smoke for 30 minutes.

7. Remove from the bbq and let rest for an hour or two.

8. For the salted caramel melt the sugar in a sauce pan over a medium heat until its starts to turn a golden brown, at this stage add the butter and cream. Be careful it will boil quite vigorously. Take off the heat and stir well.

9. When the brownie has cooled down, slice and serve with the salted caramel.

10. Finish with a festive ribbon and sprig of holly for decoration.