The rebirth of the Grocery Shop : Lotts & Co

The growth in preparing and consuming healthy, fresh and natural food is booming in Ireland. Gone are the days when a calorie filled lunch was acceptable, and forms of exercise consisted of strolling through shopping centres on Saturday morning. As Ireland’s nationwide health kick takes off, we are seeing a growth in quality shops and restaurants, eager to satisfy their new consumer base.

In July 2015, Dublin’s digital hub received a new and vibrant business in the thriving area of South Lott’s Road. The brothers behind Juniors Deli, Paulie’s Pizza and The Old Spot re-introduced “the Grocery shop” back into the neighbourhood.

When LOTTS & Co opened its doors, it promised to stock only the freshest, most natural and highest quality foods.  Paul and Barry McNerney have created a destination where there is a personal relationship between the shopper and the shopkeeper, where thought and care has gone into the procurement of each and every product stocked in the store.

Selecting only the finest produce, the brothers prepare specific meal suggestions to suit all tastes. Customers have the option to choose selected accompaniments for their meals, for example, pre-marinated steaks complemented by Café de Paris butter with ready-to-roast seasoned potatoes and a green bean salad or a selection of Irish chops with scallion mash and shop-made onion jam.

Their plan is put into motion as they utilise their experience and strong connections to create a concept that showcases the very best Irish producers and suppliers of meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as baked goods, cheeses, wines and more.   With extensive experience of the Irish food industry, Paul and Barry have built up a strong network of connections with many great Irish producers and suppliers including Pat McLoughlin Meats (who supply meat to Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud), who sell exclusively to the retail market in the store along with esteemed fishmongers, Fish Ocean Marine, Sheridan Cheeses and the Bretzel Bakery. The store also offers specially selected wines from vineyards in France, Spain, Italy and Argentina.  

As well as raw foods, LOTTS & Co supply a limited number of pre-made, ready to eat meals of the very highest quality. Customers can buy a selection of delicious meals in store, such as delectable fish pie, authentic spicy meatballs, wholesome baked eggplant parmigiana, or traditional beef bourguignon. For lunchtime diners, fresh sandwiches made to order are served from the rotisserie.

In our time-poor world, it is the firm conviction of the two brothers that people still want to eat natural wholesome foods, cooked from their raw ingredients, but have neither the time nor the skill to do so.

LOTTS & Co. showcase the exciting, dynamic and exuberant Irish and Dublin food scene, a national celebration of our unique position as one of the best places in the world to create, eat and enjoy great food and drink.    

7 South Lotts Road, Dublin 4