NCAD student's creative installment 'Gallery of Found Art' unveiled at Brown Thomas Grafton Street

An outstanding opportunity has been given to a group of talented young students of the National College of Art and Design to showcase their innovative talents at Ireland’s most prestigious department store, Brown Thomas Dublin. They have reworked everyday objects such as plastic bottles and chopsticks into creative masterpieces.

The installation titled ‘Gallery of Found Art’ will be in situ until Sunday 21st February 2016. There are a total of ten installations on display, six in the Brown Thomas windows, three on show on the first floor and one sculpture installed in the menswear department. For example, bottles have been used to create a cascading chandelier, chopsticks have been used to make an elegant sculpture and a radiator has been transformed into a chair.

According to John Redmond, the Creative Director of the Brown Thomas group: “The old saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and this is especially true when we view the world of discarded materials when seen through the eyes of these students. They have seen the possibilities in items we easily throw away. Instead of heading to the art store, they went to Recreate, an enterprise that takes end of line and surplus stock from businesses and reuses them as art materials. This is a very exciting project for the students who can boast their first exhibition was held on Grafton Street and seen by thousands of people as they passed by”.

Checkout the inspiration behind ‘Gallery of Found Art’ here: