After-Dinner Tipples with Nespresso Coffee

It is safe to say that there has been a growing love for coffee (especially here in the Kennedy PR + Brand office!). We wake up looking forward to a morning moment with our favourite cup of coffee in our hand. Why not bring coffee into more moments throughout the day? After all, who is to say coffee can’t be an experience of indulgence too?

For an after dinner digestif or coffee centred deserts look to one of Nespresso’s coffee recipes which are effortlessly simple to recreate. Nespresso coffee embodies rich aromas and creamy textures with every sip. The following recipes include a delectable café banana split and the ever popular Nespresso Martini which do not fall short of amazing!

Café Banana Split




  • capsule of either Livanto  Grand Cru

  • brown sugar

  • Milk

  • Rich Tea biscuit

  • banana

  • Caramel dessert topping



  • Place a spoonful of brown sugar in the glass

  • Prepare a Livanto Grand Cru in espresso (40 ml / 15 oz)

  • Pour the milk in the milk frother and press the cold milk froth button or use the steam pipe of your Nespresso machine

  • Pour the milk froth in the espresso

  • Place a whole Rich Tea biscuit halfway down the glass to act as a support for the banana cubes

  • Cut the banana into cubes

  • Place the pieces of banana on the biscuit

  • Pour the caramel dessert topping over the banana

The delicate blend of banana and milk froth promises an exquisite experience.


Nespresso Martini


  • capsule of Ristretto Grand Cru

  • 15 ml / 0.5 oz of vanilla flavoured vodka

  • 30 ml / 1 oz of milk

  • 2 teaspoons of cacao powder

  • A couple of strawberries

  • ice cubes


  • Prepare the Ristretto Grand Cru in espresso (40 ml / 15 oz)

  • Pour all ingredients in the shaker, shake vigorously

  • Pour everything but the ice cubes into a small glass cup

A smooth, inviting, vodka & coffee elegance is served!