Buiding your career... What does it really take?


It is fair to say that not all jobs are as 'glamorous' or straight-forward as they may appear from the outside, and nothing is ever an easy ride when it comes to carving a solid career in a fast-paced industry. Therefore, it's always refreshing to hear some honest advice from an industry insider on what it takes to be successful in your chosen career path. 

Earlier today, Rosemary Mac Cabe, renowned Editor and Blogger, posted an article on her blog entitled "So you think you want to be a journalist? “, which addresses the 'Sex and the City' perception so often attached to the industry (read the full article here!). 

Needless to say this caught our attention, offering some great insights and advice relevant to all career paths, including PR. A few points really stood out to us:


1.    Build Relationships – say “hi” to strangers, make yourself known and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. After all, people need to know who you are in order to progress in your career.


2.    Make yourself indispensable – work hard and don’t be afraid to prove your worth! No task is ever to big or too small, no matter what level you may be at.


3.    The all-important pitch – a good pitch should engage your reader, and be persuasive and concise. Keep in mind that story you’re pitching should be something you would like to read yourself!


This is certainly well worth a read!